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Principles and Aims of HESS Activities

- The Society carries out activities in cooperation with industry, government, and academia, while maintaining a neutral stance and nonprofit status.
- The Society shares information on advanced fundamental research by universities and research institutions in all fields over a wide range of hydrogen technologies and on development of application technologies by industry, while promoting exchanges among members.
- The Society advises industry, government, and academia on matters relating to research and development and to the dissemination of technologies.
- The Society makes international contributions through exchanges with people and organizations outside Japan.

Description of Activities

Study Group Meetings

Group discussions (regular study group meetings) are held around four times a year on near-term issues relating to technologies for hydrogen manufacturing and use and energy system research.
Special study group meetings are held at irregular times, intended only for organizational members.

Research Presentation Sessions

Presentation sessions, open to the general public, are held in principle once a year to present the results of ongoing research in Japan in hydrogen energy technology fields.

Lecture Meetings, Symposiums, Etc.
Lecture meetings, film showings and other such events are held at various times to educate the public regarding hydrogen energy system technology and remaining problem areas. We also hold lecture meetings, symposiums, and informal gatherings that include overseas researchers.

Publication of Official Newsletter and Other Materials
A newsletter mainly for summarizing the results of study group meetings held throughout the year is issued four times annually, and other materials are published as well.

International Activities
Maintaining close ties to the International Association for Hydrogen Energy (IAHE), HESS plays an active role in international exchange activities including research on hydrogen energy technologies and dissemination of their results.

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