History, Objectives and Activities

HESS(Hydrogen Energy Systems Society of Japan) is a membership, non-profit organization established in 1973. Since then HESS is leading research and development of advanced hydrogen technologies. Members of HESS include indivisual members from universities and industries, and the world's leading companies and organizations on hydrogen energy.


The History of HESS

HESS was established to promote research and development of hydrogen technologies recognizing for hydrogen as a carbon-free and sustainable energy in the year 1973 which hydrogen didn’t become a topic as a solution to global environmental and energy issues in a community.

Promoters of HESS were Dr. Tokio Ota, Professor Emeritus of Yokohama National University, Dr. Hideo Akamatsu, Professor Emeritus of the University of Tokyo and Dr. Koji Fushimi, Professor Emeritus of Nagoya University. Though the persons concerned in universities were members, it came to participate from industries. Today the HESS’s membership has grown to over 60 corporate members and over 200 individual members.


Objectives and Activities of HESS

Hydrogen represents a bridge from the fossil based energy system of today to a sustainable and renewable energy future and has the potential to solve two major energy issues.

Technical, economical and social issues have to be solved to realize the transition towards “hydrogen economy”.

HESS aims to foster the research and development of hydrogen technologies, and dedicate to advance the transition to a sustainable hydrogen economy through HESS's activities such as symposiums, workshops, technicai tours and exhibitions to assists information exchange and information transfer among government, industry, academia and members.

HESS publishes journals quartaly which carry technical papers of advanced research and development on hydorgen and fuel cell technologies.


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